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 Please Read tis about alt raids :)

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PostSubject: Please Read tis about alt raids :)    Tue Oct 04 2011, 11:46

Hey guys, as you all know i make alt runs every week to try gear up our alts and i would like to clear a few things up.

When i say alt run i mean its for your alts not your mains nor should you ever not sign up for a main raid to come to an alt raid in hope for gear or w/e you may want.
If you do come on a main because u missed a main run then fair enough.

If you bring a main to the alt raid then you roll with the alts their is no loot prio just because you are on your main.

Also you treat the alt raids like a normal raid in the fact that you pay attention and listen to the raid leader normaly me, and also get back when you are told to going afk for long periods of time in a no no you wouldent do it in the main raid so dont do it in mine please Smile

And finaly will you all please create a profile for alts you wish to raid on its a friging nightmare trying to find out who wants in on what when you dont leave a comment saying "i want to tank" or "heal on shammy" so plese create profiles for alts you wish to raid with it takes like 3 mins and makes my life a lot easyer.
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PostSubject: Re: Please Read tis about alt raids :)    Tue Oct 04 2011, 20:16

all sound fair Razz
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Please Read tis about alt raids :)
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