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 || Read before you make an application || -Guild Application Template-

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PostSubject: || Read before you make an application || -Guild Application Template-   Wed Feb 02 2011, 05:54

Ragnaros Horde Guild <Daoine Sidhe>.

This is the template you will use when making an application to <Daoine Sidhe>. Please make a topic in this forum with your application (it was recently reopened). We will review your application and if you have been successful in your apply one of our officers will either e-mail you back or contact you by in-game mail or /whisper. Please note the reviewing process may take 1-2 days.

Applications should be well thought out and have some decent effort put into them. Remember - the more detail and presentation your application has the better chance for your application to be successful.

Game Information

- Name:
- Class:
- Race:
- Spec(s):
- Armory link:

You As a Person

Tell us a little bit about the real life you. Your name, age, where you are from, your hobbies/Interests etc. The more detail you put in, the easier it is for us to get a more profound image of you as a person.

- Name:
- Age:
- Where are you from?
- What are your hobbies?
- Work? Studies?
- Describe yourself as a person?
- Are you someone who is reliable?
- What makes you unique from others?

WoW Experience In General

Tell us about your experience in World Of Warcraft.

- How long have you been playing?
- Do you have basic knowledge about your class and raid mechanics?
- Raid progression (raids completed in MOP and/or previous expansions when it was current content.
- Any particular achievement in WoW that you are proud of?
- Any ambitions/goals that you have within the game?
- Do you have any alts? If yes, please name them.

Computer Hardware/Software

- If you are applying as a DPS - please post a WoL parse of yours or anything similar.
- Please post a screenshot of your UI, ideally in a raid environment.
- Any computer problems at the moment that we should know about?
- Does your current computer work in the raiding environment?
- Do you have Ventrilo (and a working mic)?
- Are you comfortable with communicating to others on Ventrilo?
- Please list the addons that you use.


- Were you in a guild before? If so why did you leave?
- Why did you choose Daoine Sidhe?
- Why should we choose you?
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|| Read before you make an application || -Guild Application Template-
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