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 Funny Guild Application.

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PostSubject: Funny Guild Application.   Tue Dec 21 2010, 12:39

I found this way to amusing not to post it!

Your character(s)
Nick: Narzok
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior (11/33/17)
Spec: Much fury.

Unbuffed stats...
Armor: 8214
Health: 9189
Mana: I used rage.
Crit: 14.54%
Main stat: Attack Power
Hit rating: 27
Other noticable stats? ex. Spirit, Resilience, Defense: 54 spirit, 49 resillience, 46 defense.

Why this spec? I used since low garden and its working.
Do you have good gear for other specs? I can use all warrior spec with gear =)
Is it okay with you to respec if we need you to? No.

Profession #1: Herbalist (375).
Profession #2: Blacksmith (297)

/played with this character: Warrior.
Exalted factions: Orgilla. Low City. Orgrimmar. Ravenholt.
Armory link: 8214.
Other notable characters: lvl 14 Roge.

Class questions:
- What gems should you use with your pve spec? Red gems.
- What is the most efficient pve spec for you, and will you be specced like that when participating in 25man raids? 11/33/17. (Much fury.) Yes.
- Which metagem you use for pve? I non't use metagem.
- How do you usually Tank/Dps? (Explain why you use what you do) I tank if only warrior and else dps.
- Why do you play a warrior? (Explain which aspects of the warrior you love and why, Examples may be used): I take high beating for monster so have much stamina =)
- Which stats would Prio over others, as protection/Dps warrior, Explain why? (Dodge,Parry,Block,Defense,Hit,Crit,Expertise,Atta ckpower)
Dodge, Parry, Block, Defense, Hit, Crit, Expertise, Attackpower. You forget stamina =)
- Which attack ability gives the most threat? Fear.
- Which consumables & Flask/pots would you use on bosses? Mage food. (From level 70 tabel.)
- Do you have any resistance gear for bosstanking? I still have MC stats in mine bank.

About you
Your age: 14
Date born: 94.
From: Small villedge out off Minsk. (south of east)
Why should we pick you? I was good gear!
More about yourself: I love Sum41, Panic in disco and Rasmus.

My father work mine, my brothers work mine, after two year I work mine also.

Free time: I play WOW and watching Sayler Mon.

How is your life and how are you doing? I was start mine after two year.
Do you disconnect a lot? Only when is father drawing the computer string. After mine time =)
If yes, do you know why? Father is drawing computer string!
How many FPS do you have in Shattrath? I no play FPS.
Normal play times: When father is mine. 05:00-17:00 (Minsk time.)

Former guilds: I was join MoX but need item better.
Why are you no longer in these guilds? I needed item better!

Is the account you are using originally yours? Account was of my brother but die in mine acsident, so I account =)
Do you share the account with someone? 1 brother.
Who else are able to access the account? Brother.
What is the password to your account? Slovitzka
What is the secret question and answer to your account? Slovitzka zé wryko?

You and PvE
How often can you raid? When father mine. (All day 05:00-17:00.)
How often will you raid? When father mine. (All day 05:00-17:00.)
Will you sign up for farm raids? Yes.
Will you sign up for progress raids? If I need item.
What do you do at weekends? Play WOW when father is mine, also eat with father and many brother after father get from mine.

Raid experience so far: Karazhan. Maraudon (with only 4!). I main tank many heroic (dungeon). Zul'gurom (level 70 maintank). Have was inside Serpent Shine Cave.

Which addons have you used for raiding, ever? I was never use bot!
Which addons should you be using in a raid? Nobody!
What are your thoughts about repair bills? If I become better item I no have to repair old items.

NB! These questions are purely for us to see what we can expect.
If you know wrong, we will correct you. So don't worry, though looking it up can't hurt
What is the hit rating cap for casters? I hear warlock crit 12000 on youtube!
What is the hit rating cap for dual wielders? I hear rogue on youtube with 2k the black temple.
What is the hit rating cap for 1h/Shield, 2h, feral? Sheild has low damage!
If you were melee DPS, how would you position yourself to your target? Stand so I see target.
What is the global cooldown? Wensday 05-11.
What are your racial abilities and how do they work? Orc is Blood Fury. I press button for next attacks make more hurt on monster.
What does Blessing of Kings do? I take and give more beating to monster.
Does 'Blessing of Kings' scale with stamina? Yes.
Does 'Blessing of Kings' scale with bonus healing? No heal class!
Does 'Blessing of Kings' scale with attack power? Yes.
Which Blessings do you prefer using in a raid, and why? Main tank or dps.
Why is 'Power Word: Fortitude' and/or 'Prayer of Fortitude' buffed on the whole raid and not just the tanks? If priest has candels.
What is DKP (DragonKillPoints) and why do we use it? To know how much dragon you kill.

Do you mind paying repair bills after raids? If father still in mine.
Why do you want to raid? I want MoX. But mine item is not "great".
Got any friends in the guild? Endorah.
Why would you like to join our guild? I want for item before help for MoX.
Why are you playing World of Warcraft? When father is mine.
What is your goal in World of Warcraft? Become one MoX.
Do you like *** bears? I hate ***!
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PostSubject: Re: Funny Guild Application.   Wed Dec 22 2010, 05:30

lol, wtf? Very Happy

The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.
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PostSubject: Re: Funny Guild Application.   Wed Dec 22 2010, 07:49

cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Funny Guild Application.   

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Funny Guild Application.
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