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 World of Logs parses: how to

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PostSubject: World of Logs parses: how to   Wed Jan 09 2013, 09:59

A bit of clarification on this:
The WoL parse is simply a rundown of a fight in Worldoflogs (DPS numbers).

To get a parse, you need to register on the site (www.worldoflogs.com) and get the client (a small java file). You then run the client while your WoW is running, you type /combatlog while in WoW, then swap (alt tab) to the java client and have it start a live report session. After that you hit up LFR or a random 10 man raid to anywhere in MoP and you give us the link to that raid afterwards.
Obviously if you already have an existing parse from previous times, you don't have to do this.

It's a way for us to check how much DPS you can theoretically pull in a raid environment, which helps a bunch with recruiting.
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World of Logs parses: how to
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