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PostSubject: News   Mon Jul 26 2010, 21:44

Welcome to Daoine Sidhe.

A few forum rules

* No Warez/Porn/Etc.
Posting (links to) Porn, Warez, Serials or any other illegal material is forbidden. Also, asking for any of these is not allowed. If you are in any kind of doubt, as to whether a link or question is acceptable...assume that it is NOT unless any of the moderators say otherwise.

* No Insulting
Insulting, discriminating or being harmful to someone in any way, is forbidden. Even if the insult was meant as a joke, actions will be taken.

* No Spamming
Repeatedly posting off-topic messages or spamming our forums by posting the same message in multiple areas or otherwise deliberately disrupting our forums is ofcourse NOT allowed!
Posting commercials/banners of or links to affiliate programs, money-making programs, referrer sites etc. will be considered as Spam aswell.

* English Only!
Allthough this is a guild with people from many different countries and with many different languages, only posts in English are allowed. It does not matter how good your English is, as long as it looks like English it is ok (we'll just giggle at you for a bit, in a non insulting way of course, or it'd interfere with the 'no insulting' rule Razz).

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PostSubject: Re: News   Mon Aug 02 2010, 03:47

You can reply on the news now.
IF the officers actually care to put up some decent news ofc Razz *hint hint*
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